Wanna Dance?

One of the things Dallas might be infamous for outside of the whole, you know, JFK thing, and oh yeah, Bonnie & Clyde, is the Starck Club — a legend for nightclubbing, and coining the term “ecstasy”.  Some of our agency owners today who were club-goers back then will tell you, “I remember when you’d go to the club, and they’d have MDMA out on the counter like bar peanuts.” Guess what, that got outlawed. But it’s still legal to have a damn good time. Here’s where.

It’ll Do Club
4322 Elm St., Dallas, facebook.com/ItllDoClub

Lizard Lounge
2424 Swiss Ave

Station 4 (aka S4)
3911 Cedar Springs Rd

Sandaga 813
813 Exposition Ave

Beauty Bar
1924 N. Henderson Ave

Crown & Harp
1914 Greenville Ave

Round Up Saloon
3912 Cedar Springs Rd
(PS: it’s noted that this is the nation’s best country gay bar)

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