Neighborhood: Old East Dallas

To the east of downtown is what we call “Old East Dallas,” and it’s salt-and-peppered full of gorgeous old houses of various styles and sizes in the Swiss Avenue Historic District, next to apartments and shopping strips. The restaurants and bars in this area — although popular among locals, still feel undiscovered. Probably because of the rise in popularity and population in the areas directly surrounding it. Note that it’s not a bar-crawl-friendly area, as the best locations aren’t right next to each other.

Locations in Old East Dallas are about a 13 minute drive (although not exact).

Places of note: Vietnam Restaurant, Taco Joint, Jimmy’s Food Store, Bangkok City, Louie’s, Tacos y Mas, Garden Cafe, Bryan Street Tavern and John’s Cafe.

D Magazine has put together a great site detailing the neighborhoods in Dallas. From local insights, new developments and best-of highlights, they’ve put together a rich resource for visitors and locals to explore the city. Their neighborhood guide to Old East Dallas is here:

Old East Dallas

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