Neighborhood: North Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff is actually more than a neighborhood. It’s more like an area. It’s like Dallas’s version of Brooklyn, similarly right across the two big Calatrava bridges you see to the west of downtown. Once the chill-but-culturally-rich area that was largely undiscovered and unventured bc of its “shady” surroundings, North Oak Cliff has some of the trendiest restaurants, bars, stores, bookstores, coffee shops, local fashion pop-ups, tattoo parlors and galleries in the city. This is where a ton of the makers live. Regardless of the “trendy” title — this neighborhood has so much heart you’ll love it. It also has a few Shepard Fairy’s.

It’s pretty hard to park, so even if you have a car, you should take a Lyft, bus or the trolley.

We recommend Bishop Arts District, Dude Sweet, Oddfellows, Bolsa, Small Brew Pub, Texas Theater, the Kessler, We Are 1976, Norma’s Cafe, Ten Bells, Barbara’s Pavilion, Smoke, Jen Mauldin Gallery, Red Pegasus Comics, Lucky Dog Books, the Foundry and Jettison.

D Magazine has put together a great site detailing the neighborhoods in Dallas. From local insights, new developments and best-of highlights, they’ve put together a rich resource for visitors and locals to explore the city. Their neighborhood guide to North Oak Cliff restaurants, attractions, shopping, bars and clubs is here:

North Oak Cliff

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