Neighborhood: Lakewood

Lakewood Dallas, Texas is a dream. Honestly. It’s one of the most laid-back, liberal neighborhoods in Dallas proper. It rides on the cusp of Dallas the city, Dallas suburbia and where the residents are highly involved in Dallas business but still Facebook regular #resist-ance posts. Super friendly. Super scenic. Super authentic. Lots of great food, drink, art and culture. And it’s really just a beautiful area. You’ll find Whiterock Lake in Lakewood, and you’ll also find some of our best dive bars in Lakewood.

Lakewood is a 20 minute drive from the Westin.

The one downfall for visitors: you really need a car to really explore this area. Because the best of the best aren’t necessarily walking distance from each other, and the rail/bus service is also, not the best.

D Magazine has put together a great site detailing the neighborhoods in Dallas. From local insights, new developments and best-of highlights, they’ve put together a rich resource for visitors and locals to explore the city. Their neighborhood guide to Lakewood restaurants, attractions, shopping, bars and clubs is here:


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