Neighborhood Guide: Lower Greenville

Lower Greenville has a rich history and has always had some of the best restaurants, bars and music all in one place. About 15 years back, it used to be primarily a night-time destination minus a healthy lunch crowd, but it has evolved over the last 10 years to become one of the most walkable and welcoming areas in town to eat, drink and play. Whatever your taste, there’s a place for you to hang out and people watch — all day long.

Lower Greenville is a 12 minute drive from the Westin.

D Magazine has put together a great site detailing the neighborhoods in Dallas. From local insights, new developments and best-of highlights, they’ve put together a rich resource for visitors and locals to explore the city.

Check out D Magazine’s neighborhood guide to Greenville Avenue restaurants, attractions, shopping, bars and clubs here:

Lower Greenville

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