Neighborhood: Deep Ellum Expo Park

Deep Ellum and Expo Park are two neighborhoods to the east of downtown Dallas, with an attitude and bravado unlike the areas right around it. It’s one of the oldest night-life-geared neighborhoods, and like much of America, went through a slump right after 9-11, and most recently has seen itself revitalized into another lively neighborhood within Dallas proper. You’ll find great food, bars, music, tattoos, late-night gourmet donuts, breweries, art galleries, graffiti-art, dance clubs, record-store-slash-bars and late-night pancakes or pizza here. The area is a hub for music. Deep Ellum and Expo Park are rooted in jazz, punk and rock-n-roll. Deep Ellum is home to more than 30 live music venues, making it one of the biggest entertainment districts in the state. So if you’re into all that, you’ll definitely want to visit here.

Deep Ellum is a 10 minute drive / 15 min rail / 30 minute walk from the Westin. 

Fun fact: Deep Ellum is centered around Elm Street which runs across downtown and ends in this area – and it gets its name from the early residents and old jazz and blues musicians who used to perform here. “Deep Ellum” is derived from it being the “deep part of Elm” — away from the city center (downtown).  Deep Ellum was one Dallas’s only commercial districts for African Americans and European immigrants. You can learn more about the history here:

Expo Park is between Deep Ellum and Fair Park and has a handful of low-key-slash-dive-bars.

D Magazine has put together a great site detailing the neighborhoods in Dallas. From local insights, new developments and best-of highlights, they’ve put together a rich resource for visitors and locals to explore the city. Their neighborhood guide to Oak Lawn restaurants, attractions, shopping, bars and clubs is here:

Deep Ellum – Expo Park

Learn more about the rich history of Deep Ellum here:


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