Neighborhood: Lakewood

Lakewood Dallas, Texas is a dream. Honestly. It’s one of the most laid-back, liberal neighborhoods in Dallas proper. It rides on the cusp of Dallas the city, Dallas suburbia and where the residents are highly involved in Dallas business but still Facebook regular #resist-ance posts. Super friendly. Super scenic. Super authentic. Lots of great food, drink,…

Neighborhood Guide: Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas has gone from a healthy business-district that turned into a ghost-town after 6pm weekdays and weekends into a lively live-work-walk-shop-eat-drink neighborhood at all times of the day.

Neighborhood: Dallas Arts District, Downtown

Love the arts? — Well, 18 minutes north of Main St happens to hold the largest contiguous Arts District in the country.  The Dallas Arts District 18 min walk / 6 min drive