Vintage + Thrift

They say you can learn a lot about a city’s personality by it’s thrift and vintage selection. Check out some of our local favorites for finding hidden treasures.

Record Stores

As we assume goes for the rest of the nation¬†where there’s a music scene as robust as that in Dallas Fort Worth and Denton, the love for vinyl and continued resurgence of the brick and mortar record store continues to boom. For records and record-store-bars, the metroplex has quite a collection.

Neighborhood: Deep Ellum Expo Park

Deep Ellum and Expo Park are two neighborhoods to the east of downtown Dallas, with an attitude and bravado unlike the areas right around it. It’s one of the oldest night-life-geared neighborhoods, and like much of America, went through a slump right after 9-11, and most recently has seen itself revitalized into another lively neighborhood…

Neighborhood: Lakewood

Lakewood Dallas, Texas is a dream. Honestly. It’s one of the most laid-back, liberal neighborhoods in Dallas proper. It rides on the cusp of Dallas the city, Dallas suburbia and where the residents are highly involved in Dallas business but still Facebook¬†regular #resist-ance posts. Super friendly. Super scenic. Super authentic. Lots of great food, drink,…