Neighborhoods: How They Got Their Names

Those who live outside of Dallas tend to define us as, other than what we are. Those of us who live here, however, tend to make “what to do while you’re here” recommendations based an what visitors like/dislike about other cities, and we can direct you straight to a neighborhood that will make you feel…

Neighborhood: The Cedars

Just 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes by foot, the Cedars is another neighborhood phoenix. Although it’s been healthily populated for the last decade by businesses, recording studios, dive-bars, musicians and artists, in the last 2 years, more single-family housing, lofts and all the amenities that go with those things have found their way into the…

Neighborhood: The West End

Just at the west end of downtown Dallas, you’ll find, wait for it, The West End. It’s a historic district and is a popular destination for tourists with more than 7 million people visiting the 3×3 block neighborhood each year.  As one of the leading tourist attractions in the city of Dallas, the district is comprised of century-old…

Museums: Art, Science & History

Like you’ll hear us say a lot, we have THE largest contiguous arts districts in the country. Also, THE largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world. And museums. Lots of museums. Here are some of them.

Luxury Shopping

Travel Channel notes that shopping in Dallas can be an extreme sport. We’re not sure what that means, but we’re both proud and ashamed of our love for shopping here. From being home to Neiman Marcus’s flagship store on Main St. (right down the street from the Westin) to the nation’s first shopping center at…


Want to leave Dallas with a souvenir you can keep forever? 

Vintage + Thrift

They say you can learn a lot about a city’s personality by it’s thrift and vintage selection. Check out some of our local favorites for finding hidden treasures.

Record Stores

As we assume goes for the rest of the nation where there’s a music scene as robust as that in Dallas Fort Worth and Denton, the love for vinyl and continued resurgence of the brick and mortar record store continues to boom. For records and record-store-bars, the metroplex has quite a collection.

Wanna Dance?

One of the things Dallas might be infamous for outside of the whole, you know, JFK thing, and oh yeah, Bonnie & Clyde, is the Starck Club — a legend for nightclubbing, and coining the term “ecstasy”.  Some of our agency owners today who were club-goers back then will tell you, “I remember when you’d go to the club,…

Late Night Food

Where can you get food after the receptions and after parties, and sometimes after-after parties? Besides pinging room service, here are some after hours and all-hours places to soak up all the fun you’re having.